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The camp is organized by the Chambal Institute of Adventure and Allied Sports for every vacation.summer vacation, winter vacation, school tour, collage tour, night camp, night stay, familt trip etc.

Adventure Trip

Adventure travel is a type of niche tourism, involving exploration or travel with a certain degree of risk (real or perceived), and which may require special skills and physical exertion.

Summer Trip

In summer vacation when everyone is free from school, collage and bassenius,lot of Camps are organized by ciaasindia.

Winter Trip

Winter vacation is a time to relax and celebrate the time in the company of your family and friends. Usually, winter vacations comes right after the second term exams are over.Night camp, night stay, night party, such activities are organized by ciaasindia.

Family Trip | Camp

In a family tour, the person gets the tour booked for his family.Families book these tours to enjoy the jungle away from the crowds.Night camps, summer camps, family trips have been included in this tour.

Night Camp | Night Stay

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter, such as a tent or a recreational vehicle. Typically participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. The night (or more) spent outdoors distinguishes camping from day-tripping, picnicking, and other similarly short-term recreational activities.

Collage Camp | Tour

These activities are enjoyed by the student by getting rid of collage.Many boys group often organizes camp to enjoy the forest.Many camps are organized for students in the day and night.

Adventure Climbing

An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically bold, sometimes risky, undertaking.[1] Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports. Adventures are often undertaken to create psychological arousal or in order to achieve a greater goal such as the pursuit of knowledge.

Road Trip

In a road trip, a group of people carry their luggage through a cut-off forest route to a perticular place.The path of the forest is very long.And they are stopped at one place.

Best Gallery

develop andvitizonship in young minds through acquaitance & interaction of art culture, envirnment & history of people & places on travel & tourism as a part of education.


every body have leadership quality we have to just polish that skills from the childhood.Talent is hidden in everyone,All that is needed is to get the hidden talent inside us.

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